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Biogeography, Fourth Edition
Mark V. Lomolino (SUNY College of Environmental Science and Forestry), Brett R. Riddle (University of Nevada, Las Vegas), Robert J. Whittaker (University of Oxford), James H. Brown (University of New Mexico)

Biogeography combines evolutionary and ecological perspectives to show how Earth history, contemporary environments, and evolutionary and ecological processes have shaped species distributions and nearly all patterns of biodiversity. Written as a primary text for undergraduate and graduate courses, the book is also an invaluable reference for biogeographers, ecologists, evolutionary biologists, and conservation biologists. The Fourth Edition features color illustrations evaluated and optimized for colorblind readers.


Unit One. Introduction to the Discipline
1. The Science of Biogeography
2. The History of Biogeography

Unit Two. The Geographic and Ecological Foundations of Biogeography
3. The Geographic Template: Visualization and Analysis of Biogeography Patterns
4. Distributions of Species: Ecological Foundations
5. Distributions of Communities

Unit Three. Fundamental Biogeographic Processes and Earth History
6. Dispersal and Immigration
7. Speciation and Extinction
8. The Changing Earth
9. Glaciation and Biogeographic Dynamics of the Pleistocene

Unit Four. Evolutionary History of Lineages and Biotas
10. The Geography of Diversification
11. Reconstructing the History of Lineages
12. Reconstructing the History of Biotas

Unit Five. Ecological Biogeography
13. Island Biogeography: Patterns in Species Richness
14. Island Biogeography: Assembly and Evolution of Insular Biotas
15. Ecological Geography of Continental and Oceanic Biotas

Unit Six. Conservation and the Frontiers of Biogeography
16. Conservation Biogeography and the Dynamic Geography of Humanity
17. The Frontiers of Biogeography