Frontiers of Biogeography is a new series of integrative and interdisciplinary volumes published and developed in association with the International Biogeography Society. Each book in the series will focus on an emerging area of research, and will either present new syntheses, or review and summarize the state of the art, the most significant advances and most promising directions for future research on the geographic variation of nature.  Volumes will be either integrative collections on emerging themes in biogeography, or insightful and synthetic contributions from individual, distinguished biographers.  The series is aimed at a broad readership of graduate students, biogeographers and other researchers who study the geography of nature, including ecologists, evolutionary biologists, paleontologists and conservation biologists.

The first volume in this series, Frontiers of Biogeography: New Directions in the Geography of Nature, was published by Sinauer Associates, Inc., ( and is comprised of five sections plus a general introduction to the volume and a preface to the series by the editors. The five sections focus on the themes of the five symposia presented at the inaugural IBS meetings in January of 2003.

  • Dynamics of Species Diversity
  • Phylogeography & Diversification
  • Paleo-Biogeography
  • Biogeography of the Sea
  • Biogeography Theory and Conservation Practice

Publication date for this first volume was November, 2004.

Authors wishing to develop other books to be published in the Frontiers of Biogeography series should contact the Series Editors (Mark V. Lomolino - and Lawrence R. Heaney -