In the last 25 years, biogeography has become the cornerstone of modern ecology and conservation biology, exploring a great diversity of patterns in the geographic variation of nature from physiological, morphological and genetic variation among individuals and populations to differences in the diversity and composition of biotas along geographic gradients. The International Biogeography Society was established to foster communication and collaboration between biogeographers in disparate academic fields, and to promote the training and education of biogeographers so that they can develop sound strategies for studying and conserving the world's biotas.

Undoubtedly, much progress towards these goals can be achieved through the identification and development of needed publications. The founding members of the IBS have discussed several publication ideas. IBS has published two books, Foundations of Biogeography and Frontiers of Biogeography which are still currently available for purchase. The latter has recently been adapted as a new periodical Frontiers of Biogeography—the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society (ISSN 1948-6596).

Book and Journal Discounts Available to Members:

Foundations of Biogeography (2004)
by the University of Chicago Press.

Frontiers of Biogeography (2004)
Biogeography 4th edition (2010)
by Sinauer Associates, Inc.

Four journals covering all aspects of biogeography and ecology—Journal of Biogeography, Global Ecology and Biogeography, Diversity and Distributions, and Ecography—are currently freely available online to IBS members,
courtesy of Blackwell Publishing (post-1995 volumes only).

Oikos and Journal of Avian Biology will be available with a 20% discount to IBS members