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Short-cuts to opinions and perspectives prior to volume 5:

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 4.4
Causes and consequences of range size variation: identifying priority areas across a species' range
M.E. Blair et al.

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 4.3
The keystone species concept: a critical appraisal
H.E.W. Cottee-Jones & R.J. Whittaker

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 4.3
Why biogeography matters: historical biogeography vs. phylogeography and community phylogenetics for inferring ecological and evolutionary processes
J.J. Wiens

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 4.1
Losing time? Incorporating a deeper temporal perspective into modern ecology
F.A. Smith & A.G. Boyer

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 4.2
The responses of tropical forest species to global climate change: acclimate, adapt, migrate or go extinct?
K.J. Feeley et al.

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 3.4
Individual variation and weak neutrality as determinants of forest diversity
B. Beckage et al.

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 3.3
Political erosion dismantles the conservation network existing in the Canary Islands
J.M. Fernández-Palacios & L. de Nascimento

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 3.3
The causes and biogeographical significance of species' rediscovery
R.J. Ladle et al.

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 3.2
Relationship between local population density and environmental suitability estimated from occurrence data
A. Jiménez-Valverde

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 3.2
Musings on the Acropolis: terminology for biogeography
S. M. Scheiner

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 2.2
Habitat data resolution and the detection of species interactions
N. Cooper & J. Belmaker

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 2.2
Learning new tricks from old trees: revisiting the savanna question
A. Moustakas

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 1.1
Phylogeography is not enough
A. T. Peterson

Frontiers of Biogeography volume 1.2
Trans-realm biogeography
M. N Dawson

IBS Newsletter v.6 issue 3
Hypothesis testing, curve fitting, and
data mining in macroecology

N. J. Gotelli

IBS Newsletter v.6 issue 2
Do microorganisms have biogeography?
D. Fontaneto & J. Hortal

IBS Newsletter v.6 issue 1
Recent progress toward understanding
the global diversity gradient

B. A. Hawkins

IBS Newsletter v.5 issue 4
Christen Raunkiær - one of several early island biogeographers
H. Adsersen

IBS Newsletter v.5 issue 3
'Pleistocene re-wilding' merits serious consideration also outside North America
J.-C. Svenning
IBS Newsletter v.5 issue 2
Assisted migration - evaluating the merits of a newly proposed conservation strategy
D. F. Sax & J. W. Williams

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