Frontiers of Biogeography (ISSN 1948-6596)
the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society

Volume 2, issue 3 October 2010
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news and update

commentary: Differences in climate and soil partly predict land use, population density, and conflict
W.R. Burnside (p. 59)

commentary: Hot research on roasted lizards: warming, evolution and extinction in climate change studies
F. Ferri-Yáñez et al. (p. 61)

commentary: Diversity and uniformity of island floras
H. Adsersen (p. 64)

news: A brand-new face for a Brazilian conservation journal
ABECO (p. 67)

book review: Getting to the root of phylogenetics
J. Baumsteiger et al. (p. 68)



data: GIVD, a new ecological metadatabase
J. Dengler & GIVD Steering Committee (p. 70)

data: Improving the use of information from museum specimens: Using Google Earth© to georeference Guiana Shield specimens in the US National Herbarium
E. Garcia-Milagros & V.A. Funk (p. 71)


Interview with John C. Briggs, recipient of the 2005 Alfred Russel Wallace award
B.W. Bowen (p. 78)

biosketch:John C. Briggs


membership corner

from the society: The progress and prospects of the International Biogeography Society, R.J. Whittaker (p. 81); Results from the 2010 IBS Elections , J. Williams (p. 83); Registration is open for the 5th Biennial Conference of the International Biogeography Society (Heraklion, Crete, Greece; 7-11 January 2011), K. Faller, S. Sfenthourakis & J.-C. Svenning (p. 84)

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