Frontiers of Biogeography (ISSN 1948-6596)
the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society

Volume 2, issue 4 March 2011
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news and update

commentary: Tree refugia and slow forest development in response to post-LGM warming in North-Eastern European Russia
S. Normand et al. (p. 91)

Commentary / book review: Island Biogeography: Paradigm Lost?
L.R. Heaney (p. 94)

book review: Past environmental change in Latin America
W.D. Gosling (p. 97)

book review: Census of marine life
C. Sheppard (p. 100)

... books noted with interest (p. 101)



Interview with John C. Avise, recipient of the 2009 Alfred Russel Wallace award
Brett R. Riddle (p. 103)

& biosketch:
John C. Avise
(p. 111)


membership corner

from the society:
Job announcements (p. 112)
Upcoming meetings (p. 115)