Frontiers of Biogeography (ISSN 1948-6596)
the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society

Volume 3, issue 2 September 2011
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table of contents

news and update

update: A modelling framework to open the gates of assemblage structure
J. Hortal (p. 43)

commentary: One step closer towards disentangling competing hypotheses in macroecology
C. Fløjgaard & J.-C. Svenning (p. 44)

workshop summary: State of the art and perspectives of risk assessment analysis
F. Essl (p. 46)


book reviews

book review: Definitive guide to China's woody plants
M. Eichhorn (p. 48)

book review: A 100 million year love affair with American plants
P.V.A. Fine (p. 50)

book review: Fifty years of Elton
S.J. DeWalt (p. 52)

book review: The palm book
H. Balslev (p. 54)

... books noted with interest
M. Eichhorn (p. 56)


data: Two researchers desperately seek stable 50-year-old corridors for study on conservation corridor efficacy
P. Beier & A.J. Gregory (p. 57)

opinion and perspectives

opinion: Relationship between local population density and environmental suitability estimated from occurrence data
A. Jiménez-Valverde (p. 59)

perspective: Musings on the Acropolis: terminology for biogeography
S.M. Scheiner (p. 62)

membership corner

from the society: Looking to the future of the IBS - the 2011 IBS membership survey
R. Field & L.R. Heaney (p. 71)

Job announcements
(p. 73)
Upcoming meetings (p. 75)