Frontiers of Biogeography (ISSN 1948-6596)
the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society

Volume 1, issue 1 September 2009
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table of contents


Frontiers of Biogeography, a new frontier for the IBS
J. Hortal, M.N Dawson (p. 1)

From the Foundations to the Frontiers of Biogeography
L.R. Heaney & M.V. Lomolino (p. 3)

news and update

A finer focus on glacial refugia in the Mediterranean region
A.S. Jump (p. 5)

Updated DIVA program
J. Fjeldså (p. 6)

From acorns mighty micropockets grow
L. Hannah (p. 7)

commentary: New insights on a classic topic - the biogeography of southeast-Asian mammals
J. Beck (p. 8)

commentary: The geographic consequences of climate change for migratory birds
F.A. La Sorte (p. 11)

commentary: Towards an efficient management of biological invasions
N. Roura-Pascual (p. 13)

book review: Science chic
M.N Dawson (p. 14)

workshop summary: Biodiversity Synthesis meeting on the biogeography of Melanesia
J. Drew (p. 17)


opinion and perspectives

perspective: Phylogeography is not enough - the need for multiple lines of evidence
A.T. Peterson (p. 19)



conservation biogeography forum: Neil D. Burgess
interviewed by A. Ahrends (p. 26)

obituary: Professor Chris Humphries (1947–2009)
D. Williams (p. 29)


membership corner

IBS-sponsored events: Latest news from the forthcoming 2011 IBS meeting at Crete (p. 31) ... Job announcements (p. 32) ... Upcoming meetings (p. 32)