Frontiers of Biogeography (ISSN 1948-6596)
the scientific magazine of the International Biogeography Society

Volume 2, issue 2 July 2010
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table of contents

news and update

commentary: Scale-dependence of spatial patterns of insect distribution and abundance
T. Newbold (p. 31)

symposium summary: Introduced conifer invasions in South America: an update
A. Pauchard et al. (p. 34)

book review: An integrative overview on alpine habitats
D. Nogués-Bravo (p. 37)

book review: All islands in a large nutshell
R. Field (p. 38)

thesis abstract: In search of the forest primeval: data-driven approaches to mapping historic vegetation
T.D. Fagin (p. 41)


opinion and perspectives

opinion: Habitat data resolution and the detection of species interactions
N. Cooper & J. Belmaker (p. 46)

perspective: Learning new tricks from old trees: revisiting the savanna question
A. Moustakas et al. (p. 47)

membership corner

from the society: The forthcoming 5th IBS International Meeting (Irakleion, Crete, Greece 7-11 Ianuary 2011) is almost here, S. Sfenthourakis & J.-C. Svenning (p. 54)

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